Sushi - traditional Japanese cuisine, cooked rice with vinegar dressing and various seafood and other ingredients. Since the early 1980s, the land gained wide popularity in the world. Historical facts History of sushi originated in South Asia, where the cooked rice were used for the preparation and preservation of fish. Peeled and cut into small pieces of fish with salt and mixed with rice, and then placed under the press of the stones, which in a few weeks, replaced the lid. Сontinuation of the history In the XVII century, the begining a sushi rice, which included steamed rice, rice malt, seafood and vegetables. Soon began to prepare the rice vinegar, which began adding rice, eliminating the fermentation process and greatly reduce the sushi cooking time. Stages of sushi popularity In the XIX century, Yohei Khan, the cook from Tokyo, decided to completely abandon the marinating fish and feed the fish raw. The process of cooking in a matter of minutes. New sushi quickly gained popularity, and there are two styles of cooking. Sushi today