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The growth of interest to Japan, its history and culture, relevant part by which one is the art of sushi, has stipulated occurrence of a lot of domestic restaurants, adequately presenting Japanese cuisine.

As well as in all Japanese, cuisine of Country of the Ascending Sun is generic of symbolism and many-sided nature, steep philosophical sense in any nuance – concept «trifle» is unknown to the Japan people.

As art of sushi itself, service of a Japanese segment of the HoReCa market denies levity, vacillation, obligates to the serious attitude, stability, respect and responsibility both before the partners and clients.

These criteria had been assumed as a basis of the concept of the Hoshi company, first specialized Ukrainian sushi-operator.

Our goal is to grant a complex of services, products and goods for the professionals: chefs, managers and supplying services of Japanese cuisine restaurants.

Our offer of service is designed and worked out on the basis of the development analysis of the Ukraine sushi market. Today it is only beginning. Hereinafter we hope for your help in extension and expansion of the Hoshi range of goods.

We guarantee:

  • Constant availability of the whole range of the goods;
  • Stable reserve of goods in storages of the company;
  • Providing all of the goods by the documents of Ukrainian healthcare and certifying bodies;
  • Convenient and nonrigid conditions of cooperation for the professionals;
  • Charge-free delivery on Kiev.

I am sure that we are starting a long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation.

Yours faithfully
Fedor Dubovoy,
GM of the Hoshi company